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There was a vendor on here …that sold exceptional patching material…can’t  remember who…hopefully yinzs can help me out …and thanks !

Can't help with your query, Nessmuck, but any store who sells Denim in ounce weights, sells exceptional patching material in my opinion.
I like the 10, 12 and 14ounce versions. I use the 14 ounce, for the small 15 bore (.675") balls in my .14 bore (.690")rifle. I measure the
14 ounce at .034".
I also found some .022" light canvas that shoots just as well, but is slightly harder loading than the 10 ounce denim which also measures
in that realm. I use both of those materials with balls from .005" to .008" under bore size.


FOUND IT !!!!!!!!

Ron is the man.  I love his patching, and have a lot ahead.  I buy the plain (not treated) 100% cotton canvas.  The densest material I have ever run across.  His prices are really not bad, compared to good cloth at JoAnn.  The best news is that it WORKS.  Never burns through.  Don't both with email or his website.  I don't think he uses them.  Call in the evening.  Leave a message if he does not reply.  My friend David put me onto this material, and I have tried most everything else, and returned to this cloth.  No need to experiment any more.  God Bless,   Marc

I'm thinking of ordering some of this for patch material. Any body try this already?


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