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Probably have to switch eyes, any tips

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smylee grouch:
My eye doc says my right eye just wont get back to what I want or need to shoot so will have to switch to my left eye. How many of you had to do the same and what tips or advice can you offer. I have shot left handed before but all my flinters have at least 1/4 inch cast off for a RH shooter so I do have to climb over the comb so to speak.

I lost the use of my right eye about 16 years ago and had shot RH all my life. Learning to shoot LH just took a lot of practice. I did rig up a rifle with sights that allowed me to shoot RH with my left eye for the few times I had to do what I used to do. Can send pics if you are interested. Good luck.

I understand Smylee. My right eye is heavily damaged. I still shoot right eyed but the vision varies day to day and i fear I will one day be forced to go left eye. I look forward to all advise....

Smylee and Mark, sorry to hear of your loss of right eye vision & having to switch to left handed shooting. It is a struggle, indeed. No downplaying that, however
it can work, if you work it. A very close friend of mine went blind in his right eye due to his diabetes. I ended up with his Ron Fox bows (really heavy weights at my
draw length), however I am holding them for him - maybe, in the future. I was visiting with him just a couple days ago and his vision in his right eye is returning.
He fairly quickly had turned to being left handed, so it is possible and he noted, fairly easy to "change hands" as it was necessary.

Practice is about the only way to achieve this new goal.  A blinder (taped of glasses?) on the right eye might help, or just forced perseverance.
I wish for you guys, it was an easy transition.  Perhaps it was easier for my friend Gord, as he went blind in his right eye, over night. To  shoot
 his air rifles and handguns is his passion, so he had to switch to continue.
Practice. Both Taylor and I had to do that in basic training, so it is possible.  We even have a target on our trail that is an "other" hand target.
We never miss it. (IIRC -LOL)


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