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Can anyone tell me if the 6 bull target,  with a 7 Ring Black, is commonly used as a 50 yard offhand rifle target. The 7 Ring is 3 7/8" Dia, the 8 Ring is 2 7/8"dia. The 10 ring is only 7/8' dia. Is this what is used for the National shoots? That's a heck of a small target for 50 yd. offhand. Across the top of the target it says "50 Yard Muzzle Loading Round Ball Rifle Target". Bottom right it's stamped SB-7.

I'd really like to see someone score a 50 on that target at 50 yards offhand, open sights. I don't think it's possible. It would be a one holer for sure.

Anyway,  that target was posted at 50 yards in a offhand shoot I recently attended and we were told it's a standard target used at Friendship.

Thanks all. Hope you had a great Memorial Day.

Yes, it is used in most off hand Agg’s in Friendship and the Territorial’s. Difficult target with peep sights, too! It is also used as a 50 yd bench target for light bench. Is also used in the x stick, Buffalo.

A 3 7/8" black spot makes for a very difficult 50yard target for sure.  Years ago, I did very well on a 4" bull, but benched, with open sights. That was my normal
target for testing loads.  It was also used with apertures for 100meter shooting with my buffalo rifle as it gave perfectly symmetrical sizing of the sight's 'rings'
and thus very good groups were possible, under 1".
To some extent, the smaller the aiming point, the smaller the group, but it has to be visible. Today, that would be a very difficult open sight offhand 50yd. target.

Nothing is impossible.
 I went through the NMLRA records. That target is used in at least 5 aggs.

I believe the highest record is one posted by Tim Marsh. 49 2x on 2014.
That was agg F. Flintlock offhand , 5 shots, round ball, open sights. There are other aggs with that target, one matches that score, could have been flint or cap, either can be used.
There might be more, but it is not easy to correlate the matches to the records.

Everyone I know who shot a good score on this target can tell the date, where they were, what time of day, the Agg, who they were shooting against,. They also have a story about the worst one they ever shot, including 5 hits on the paper with a zero score… might have been me!


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