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Lubing you patching material question

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If you cut your material into strips…and plan to cut at the muzzle….how do you folks lube those strips of cloth ?  Just rub mink oil into the strip on both sides ,then roll it up ? Or squirt some moose milk on the patch,seat the ball and cut ? Thanks for you input

Don Steele:
When I need the very best precision possible, such as Table and Chunk shooting where a rest is involved I use pre-cut strips of material that have been soaked in a solution of Ballistol/ water then laid out flat and allowed to dry overnight, a la-Dutch Schoultz. I should add that for those competitions, I'm using a thicker patch that measures .020" ( compressed) and a .500 ball in my 50 caliber rifles with a solid brass 3/8" Range Rod to load.
For offhand shooting, I just use a (thinner) pre-cut patch, wet with about anything and can't tell much difference.

Not English:
I've had good success with torn strips rubbed in Mink Oil and cut at the muzzle. I do not lube both sides. I dont lube the whole strip. Hunting, I use a loading block with lubed patches.

Just use silk, you'll get an extra 20 yards.

I use tallow in a double boiler dip the strips and then squeezing out extra winding strips storing in old pill bottles


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