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Neetsfoot oil for patch lube

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Has anyone tried neetsfoot oil as a patch lube? Opinions or thoughts?

rich pierce:

--- Quote from: Tacitus on June 06, 2022, 03:16:35 AM ---Has anyone tried neetsfoot oil as a patch lube? Opinions or thoughts?

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Iím not an expert shooter but my understanding is that a good lube allows easier ramming, softens fouling if one shoots without wiping between shots, and contributes to consistent resistance of the patched ball upon ignition. If left in the bore for more than a few minutes, it should not promote rusting. Everything from spit to tallow to animal greases and synthetics can work well. From my understanding, consistency matters a great deal. Any of these lubes that can be applied consistently can give fine accuracy. Spit seems like it should set a pretty low bar but many excellent shooters use it exclusively. So, neetsfoot oil should work fine.
A search here for neetsfoot oil in the shooting section shows it works for some.

If using Neatsfoot oil make sure it is 100% pure Neatsfoot oil not a blend or compound. I used to use it solely as my only lube all year long for target, trail walks and hunting. A couple of years ago I tried mixing it 50/50 with TOTW mink oil. I found both to work equally well. As I bought 10 tins of mink and have a large supply of Neatsfoot oil I will continue to use the blend. The bonus of the pure Neatsfoot oil is it works great on any leather, so I annually treat my shooting bags, cows knees, and straps.

I go back to what Mad Monk (Bill Knight) told me, "Make sure whatever you use for lube can be removed with your cleaner of choice."

I learned that neither water nor windshield washer fluid cut graphite, which is a byproduct of all of our black powder these days. 

Mr. Flintlock lube will remove graphite, learned from Bill.  The original LVL did too, and Mr. Flintlock is very similar.  I use Mr Flintlock as my final cleaning each session. 

Mr. Flintlock and Hoppes Blackpowder Lube and Cleaner both are great lubes, the latter being REALLY slippery.  I wouldn't trade either for neetsfoot oil. 

I have never had a mind that says, "Hey, I wonder if I can use this for lube?"  I am an engineer, and learned from an engineer and professor, so I stick with the known.  I only change if something is proven better in my testing, and change one thing at a time.  I really enjoyed Mad Monk as he had a super inquisitive mind and vast experience with testing.  I learned a lot from him. 

You may have a lube you like.   For the sake of newcomers, I like to point out known and available products like Mr. Flintlock and Hoppes Black Powder Lube and Cleaner for wet lubing.  The Track 100% mink oil is a good lube for hunting and when the gun may stay loaded a while.  I also like to point out the The Minute-Men plain 100% canvas patching material is a no-lose proposition for a tough and reliable patching. 

I hope this helps someone.  God Bless,   Marc

smylee grouch:
I'm curious if that graphite left in the bore will hurt or affect much. I don't think it's corrosive. Can it build up to the point of affecting loading or accuracy?  :-\


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