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Andrew Kopp 091022-1
« on: October 29, 2009, 08:11:56 PM »
Barrel has been shortened to 40 inches from what I estimate to have been originally 42-43 inches, approx. 45 caliber retaining strong rifling.


It would be hard to find a nicer Andrew Kopp. 
Before that happens, could we please have photos of the cheek rest and side plate sides? (Hopefully to be added - Admin.)

It is indeed a beautiful gun, and while we are at it, could we get some measurements, too? With those details in hand, we will be able to see the entire rifle which will be a great pleasure. Thank you.

I like what I see, but I agree that it would help a great deal to see the cheek piece side as well.

It's a fine A. Kopp rifle with most of his trademark characteristics exhibited, particularly in the patchbox, engraving, incised carving, slim and graceful guard, etc. I particularly like the delicate wrist on this rifle, great fluted forestock molding, and the nifty conversion that appears to have "reused" the original flint cock.  Exceptionally nice rifle for the museum.
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