Author Topic: Seeking Photos of a particular horn in "Powder Horns and Their Architecture"  (Read 668 times)

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Greetings All,

By chance, does anyone have additional photos of the horn on page 150 of Madison Grant's "Powder Horns and Their Architecture" and be willing to share?  Or, might it be included in any other published resources?

I keep looking at it and thinking that I'd like to make one inspired by it.  The really long neck of the horn, compared to the size of the lower portion of the horn, and use of blue paint on the neck puts it in the "slightly different" category.

Thanks for stopping by,

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 Can't help with that one, good question though. I have often wondered where all the horns, bags, knives, etc... in his books are hiding today. Some we have seen in other publications but others are hidden in unseen collections or lost by noncaring hands.