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Sight Adjustments - Is there something wrong here

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The first photo is 3 shots at 25 yards as the rifle was sent up by the builder.  Visually the front sight is centered on the top flat and the rear sight is also centered with a hash mark on the sight aligned with a hash mark on the barrel.  Yet the 3 rounds all impacted to the right.  If it was off this much at 25 yards would it be even further off at 50?

The photo below is also 3 rounds at 25 yards but the front sight was moved significantly to the right and the rear sighe was moved slightly to the left.  A much better group.  But check out the next photo.  Point of aim for both was right at the top edge of the spot (12 o'clock) and just down slightly.

So one would feel the sights were in reasonable position.  Now look at how far the front sight had to me moved to the right.  The base of the sight on the right side is actually hanging over the edge of the barrel.  You can see how far it was moved as the finish under the sight blade on the barrel is a different tone.

And here is where the rear sight was.  You can see the hash mark is not in alignment with the the mark on the barrel as it was when built.

I (and husband) just feel something is not right about this.  Visually things looked good but having to make adjustments to this degree seems odd.
In speaking to a few builders they suggested that:
1.  The bore was not true.
2.  The barrel is slightly bent.

So what the opinions of the experts and what do you do to correct it, if anything.  BTW, this rifle was purchased in 2016 from a very well known, "award winning" builder who did say he had not fired it and it was fresh off his bench.  We have shot it very little since purchase mainly because of the frustration above but with some extra time and nice weather hubby says he is going to address it and resolve the issue.  Get it right it get it gone.

36 cal, 3 inch diameter "spot" target.


smylee grouch:
Is there any chance that the rest you are using is slanted to one side or not ridged?

I would also check to see if the underlugs are slotted and not putting the barrel in a bind.

Molly- most likely, the barrel is either bent, or the bore swings to the left inside, then back to the center at the muzzle. This will make centered sights (as built) to shoot to the right.
It happens. BUT - that is no where near as bad as a barrel I once had - I replaced it with a new barrel.

smylee:  Shooting off the same rest as used on all other guns.  I'll pay close attention next time out but hubby does not feel that is the problem.

flinch:  Not sure I follow this one?? Are you saying the barrel could be in a "bind" as a result of the lugs position in the barrel channel?

We noticed something last night as it was being cleaned.  The above photos represent only a small number of shots fired yesterday.  This experiment has been going on for about a week with many other shots fired.  An additional problem is that this gun fouls really bad.  After about 3 or 4 shots the bore must be cleaned.  Misfires are far to common and consequently we have pulled the ball three times this week to clear the globs of gunk.  We noticed that the ball puller which has a collar to fit a 36 shows "wear" on one side as if it is dragging inside the barrel.  When I say wear I really mean that one area on one side is "bright".  So it seems this bright spot is dragging as it is removing the ball??  That would seem to also suggest a bad bore.

As to a replacement barrel.  That sounds easy however even if one got a replacement...same maker, same profile, would it match the barrel channel?


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