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Mike Lyons:
Iíve been wanting to make a leather shot snake for awhile and finally won an auction on eBay with an Irish style head.  The spout is missing the keeper spring and was a filthy mess but,  itís cleaning up well.  I should be able to make the spring from an old hacksaw blade or steel nail.  Has anyone else made one of these?

Pukka Bundook:
The spring or the shot belt, Mike?

Yes, made both.

I really like the English top, as its faster, but with a real long barrel, I think the detachable Irish has an advantage.
The normal Irish top doesn't have  a cut- off like yours and mine.  these are a bit later.
You had to use it right with the straight Irish top, or you could lose all your shot in a hurry!

Mike Lyons:
Thatís a beautiful setup and gun.  II was asking about the spring.  I made one tonight that works but Iím going to try another thatís a little better looking. 

Right, the snake or the spring? A flat leaf rake tine might be just right with a little fitting. I made this snake. Itís construction is detailed in the 2019 Sept/Oct issue of Muzzleloader. I used an English head but the snake would be the same either way.

Pukka Bundook:
That looks very bonny work, Mike.
very neatly done.
there are different styles. Col Hawker's shot belt had the top end tapering into the belt, as per mine.  there are not many right and wrongs, as different patterns came and went.

Again good work!
On the spring, I seem to recall I made the circular piece separately and soldered it in place. Cant think why now without digging it out!


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