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Any updates on black powder availability? Thanks, Jerry

Chocktaw Brave:
Still scarce as hens teeth up here in Alaska. I may resort to pyrodex in the cap locks to save the black powder for my flinter.
Pyrodex is avail almost everywhere and I have 5-6 lbs of it.

If you have to use a BP substitute get the Hodgdon 777 according to Mad Monk ( RIP )

Yes- Bill said if he had to use a phony powder, it would be 777. The reason is the others have perchlorates, which generates extremely corrosive fouling.
T7 does not possess this chemical.

As of a week or so ago, Powder Inc. listed on their website that they had a couple of grades of Swiss, a few grades of Shuetzen, and some re-enactor/skirmish type powder.  Of course their website might not be up to date.  They listed the estimated availability of GOEX to be April, but that could be wishful thinking. 

Don Richards


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