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A couple joann's fabric measurements

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I finally picked up some 12oz denim and natural colored duck cotton canvas.

The 12oz denim measures, for me, 0.024 with my Hornady calipers using the full length of the blade and squeezing between my thumb and pointer finger nearly hard as I can. I've read that this one measures 0.030 for other people. I'm wondering if anyone has bought some recently and is getting close to the same.

The natural color duck cotton measures 0.026 using the same calipers and method.

I just thought I would post this for some current measurements on fabrics I've seen people mention they use. It may not be helpful if my thumb/finger strength is far off other's.

Edited: duck cotton actually measured 0.026 for me. I was remembering incorrectly.

Tks for the info. We don't have Joanne's Fabrics here, but still good to know.

The 12 ounce denim I can get here measures the same for me, at .025" compressed as hard as I can in my Hornady calipers.  In my "other" calipers, the 12 ounce measured .030", but in my current Hornady calipers, it measures a solid .025". These measurements are what I also get with my mic, run on the ratchet only.

Without springing (permanently) the yoke of my micrometer, just cranking with forefinger and thumb, the barrel of the mic. I was able to compress the 14 ounce denim to .002",(yes 2 thou) repeatedly, so method is very important. That's the same material that measures .030" using the ratchet, same as in my Hornady calipers when compressed between forefinger and thumb.
Different makes of calipers will measure the same material at a different thickness. This is due to the width of the jaws, I assume. Pushing hard on the rotating little barrel of the calipers will get a thinner measure than pinching, but the pinching method is repeatable, over and over. THAT is important, I think & is the method I prefer.
Currently the 10 ounce denim we can get, is .021" and shoots well in every one of my rifles with balls running .010 (.350") to .005" (.495") under bore size. The .69 is used with the same patch, with a .682" ball.
I use the 14 ounce denim with the .677" and the .662" with virtually the same accuracy as the larger ball & thinner patch.

That natural duck at .022" sounds super for most guns, HighUintas.

Yes I was hoping to find a suitable 0.022 because it appears joann's is out of sew classics 10oz denim everywhere online. They do have an 11oz but it is a stretch denim with 1% synthetic blended in.

The same duck cotton (how it was labeled in store) in other colors all measured 0.019 with the same method. Those seemed to be a little "smoother" or more refined or something. It's probably something to do with the dyeing process.

I also found a remnant labeled Bentley twill Arctic that was somewhere between 0.022 and 0.025, I just can't remember. It was very supple and very tightly woven, similar to a denim. I bet it would be fantastic, but was $40/yard and I couldn't find the bolt to test a small amount. I think it would be too pricey for me on a regular basis anyway given that I think the cheaper denim and duck will likely work very well.

Edited to say they're out of 10oz online

Don Steele:
As Daryl points out, when measuring fabric, technique is everything. I record uncompressed and compressed measurements for my records. For this conversation I’ll just post a couple of the “ compressed”numbers that I get on well known products.
WalMart Cotton Duck: .018
JoAnn 10 oz denim: .018
WalMart 10 oz denim: .018
JoAnn 12oz denim: .025
JoAnn BRND Drill 40: .014-.015
These are the numbers I get, yours may vary.

Check out Big duck canvas on line they have a very good selection


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