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flask done some time ago

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Pukka Bundook:
Made this one when playing with making a matchlock or two.

The flat horn is an original with wheellock spanner.

hardest part for me was drawing the critters in 17th C style, half cartoon looking!

James Rogers:
Very nice!

Mike Lyons:

That is very nice work, especially the scrimshaw. Just the other day I was showing my wife photos of engraving around the mid 1700’s of animals and we called them “cartoonish” you captured that look perfectly.
Cheers Richard

Pukka Bundook,
I really like the overall look of the antler flask. What time frame and style gun would the these be most used with?  Can you share how did you made the iron cap and 2 smaller caps? I would like to make some period correct flasks for my matchlocks. Thanks.


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