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I am curious as to what you gents who build long guns put in the barrel channel and lock motice to keep out moisture/ water snow ,rain.As to protect the wood and metal.thanks walt

Finish, same as on the outside, for me - barrel channel only, though.

Bill in Md:

D. Taylor Sapergia:
I use Tung Oli Finish on my rifles as of late, and I coat all surfaces with two applications of the finish to seal the wood.  I especially soak the end grain of the butt plate inlet ...  that's the end of the rifle that stands in the snow when I load.

Or mud, wet grass, etc. Forgot about under the butt plate, the most important part.  As our barrels get removed for cleaning (except on Taylor's SMR), the barrel channel is always wiped out and dried, if wet. so is less important than under the butt plate.


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