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Colerain gain twist accuracy results??

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Dave R:
I would appreciate actual round ball results with a Colerain Classic American 50 caliber 42 B weight swamped barrel with GAIN TWIST and W shaped lands.
Thanks! Dave R


ok not colerain but a Bobby Hoyt gain twist 54 36inch

Dave R:
Thanks Recurve! 😉
How happy are you with your target results with the Hoyt barrel? 🤔
Dave R

I have 3 Hoyt barrels  2 50 1-56 round ball twist,   & 54 gain twist and just had him make me a 50 in gain twist for a winter build he states it hits harder/faster for the same load  with that said all of the Hoyt barrels shoot Very well

( a
and2 gain twist
the 2 builders you can ask is Brad at Cabin creek and Mr Hoyt  both like gain twist

Pukka Bundook:
Very useful post, Recurve.


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