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J. Roop 091109-1
« on: November 11, 2009, 05:20:25 PM »
J Roop on lock and smooth-bored barrel.
Barrel is 41 1/8" straight tapered, 1.14" at breech and .98" at muzzle.
Smooth bore .70".
OAL 55 1/2"
Pull 12 1/8"
Drop at heel 4 1/4"
Drop at toe 7 3/4"
Wrist height 1 3/4" , width 1 7/16"
Balance point at rear entry thimble just in front of rear sight.
Butt plate: W-1 5/8", H-4 3/8", heel-2 11/16"
Lock panel widths: front-1 9/16", rear-1 11/16"
Width of forearm at rear wedge: barrel-1 7/64", wood-1 21/64"
Width of forearm at front wedge: barrel- 1", wood-1 3/16"



This is a really nice rifle; one I would hang up on my wall any day in the week, and be glad to have it. Funny how Roop's work is popping up all over the place now, as there were years when he went without any mention. He made pretty nice guns and it's good that he is finally getting some recognition. Somewhere out there is a truly fantastic rifle made by him. Where is it? John Shell too, was always regarded as somewhat mediocre until Cowan's recent Auction featured what may be one of the top guns in existence. So, watch out for J. Roop, he can't be far behind.
Back to this piece; the patchbox is the major feature on this rifle and it is a beautiful piece of work. The engraving is quite nice and the cockscomb finial is a nice touch. The architecture is good and the attention to fine details is as good as on any of the glamor guns. I wonder about that huge bore in the piece. At .70 cal. the original owner must have been hunting some larger animals than squirrels and rabbits.
The stock wood is somewhat plain, but appears to be of a good durable quality. The wear patterns in the color and finish are nice and suggest a long period of use.
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