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W.K. Strong (Michigan) 091107-1
« on: November 11, 2009, 05:24:42 PM »
William K Strong, Big Rapids, Mecosta County, Michigan.  Strong worked in Big Rapids 1872-1884.
Here are the details on the rifle.
Stock:              maple
Length overall:   49"
Barrel length:     34"
Length of pull:    12 1/8"
Caliber:              .34
Barrel width across flats:  (tapered) breech 1.013"; muzzle .967"
Rifling:                6 groove
Weight:               9 lbs. 12 oz.
Of particular note is the hand-made sheet brass capbox.


It's a nice little rifle for a post Civil War piece. Late rifles are important to see, so we can understand the relationships between them and their earlier cousins. We often find it hard to date late pieces, and if a late gun is nice looking, we often want to date them earlier than they really are. So when a late dated rifle, or one where we know the maker worked late, comes to light, it helps everyone understand them better.

Here in Indiana we have slim, well decorated rifles made by Davis Gray after the Civil War that, if working dates weren't known (and a few dated rifles around to support his working years), they would be dated 20 years of more earlier than they really are. So we all like the early pieces, but it's good to see the late ones as well, to learn how to identify them.


With its classic 'Plains Rifle' look, I am surprised that it is bored to a mere .34 caliber. Not too likely that it killed many grizzlies, moose or buffalo.
Having said that, it is a very pleasing rifle from a state that we do not see too many pieces from. The gun, in attic condition, is a very charming rifle with all of the pleasing mid 1800s features and refinements.


They might have run out of deer, moose and bear, but they never ran out of squirrels!
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