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Von Hayek:
I used to shoot and compete quite a bit with my father when I was a boy and I am looking to getting back into shooting black powder but it has been 30 years. I still have my .54 CVA rifle and I have my father's Thompson Center guns with Green Mountain barrels. I think I remember the ins and outs, but is there a primer around with which I can brush up? The gist I remember is powder, patch, ball fire. Clean with a with a wet patch. Dry patch. Repeat. Wash the barrel in a bucket of hot water at home.

Bill in Md:
You have a good rifle to begin with....I slayed many a deer with the TC's back in the day....Your GM barrel should be a slow twist that handles a ball well....Start with a .530 and a .20 patch with about 60 grains of 2f black powder as a practice load to get you on the board and go from there....Look for your patches. They tell the story. If you have a good patch and ball combo your patches will look as though they could be shot again.

There are many roads to Rome....You will get sound advice here among these fellows. Take a pinch from here and there and make your own recipe.....

Von Hayek:
Thanks. Great advice.

I see that you are in Maryland -- are you a member of the Marriotsville Muzzle Loaders? I recently received my range badge for Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore and that is where I'll be shooting. I read that Marriotsville Muzzle Loaders shoots there once per month.

Standing Bear:
Good memory Sir.  Thatíll certainly get you shooting. Iíve modified that regimen over the last 50 years and when necessary only wipe between shots with a damp patch in and out no drying needed. If itís still damp I turn that patch and use it on the following wipe. Dampened by laying a cleaning patch on my tongue not wet.

Welcome back.

PS:  I noticed that all of the cleaning concoctions are mostly water. Now I clean w water only.

smylee grouch:
Welcome back to the sport. You will learn as you go and being a club member will help. I dont use hot or even warm water to clean, just room temp water and it works just fine with no flash rusting.


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