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Getting Bullet Out of Flintlock

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Von Hayek:
My father loaded this gun probably 20 years ago at least with plastic sabot(?) and he tried and tired to remove it but failed. He dumped enough lubricant down the barrel that I am sure that the powder is destroyed. Someone had mentioned the possibility of using compressed air to force it out. Can someone recommend to me how you hook an air line up to a flintlock?

From the research I have done, removing the breech plug is another method. Is it any more difficult than unscrewing it then reattaching it afterwards.

Below is a photo of the bullet in the barrel. Thanks for the advice.

If it has been installed that long I would simply unscrew the breech. Probably lots of video out there but yea take the barrel out, tighten it securely in a padded vise and use a large well fitting wrench and unscrew it. Doesn't hurt to put a witness mark on both the barrel and plug to make sure when you put them back together they are exactly back where you want them. Also clean the threads well and use some copper anti-seize on the threads when rethreading the plug to the barrel. Don't ask me why I know this.

Daniel Coats:
I've only done this once but the method I used was unbreech the barrel and drove the bullet out with a steel rod. Caused damage to the bore so never again.

Today I would unbreech as before and make sure there was no powder. Next I would heat the end of the rod then gently contact the bullet and melt the lead out.

Others may have a better idea.

smylee grouch:
If you do un breech the barrel dont just clamp it in a vice. Clamp it in a vice just in front of the breech plug threads so you dont collapse the barrel on to the threads even tighter. I use two brass sheets on the vice jaws to help keep from marring the barrel.

I had a cleaning jag and patch unscrew from my ram rod and it was clear down as far as it would go. All attempts to screw the rod back onto the threads of the jag, failed. I took the barrel out to the shop and shot some compressed air into it and the jag came out without any effort. Since then I had bought one of those C02 dischargers and keep that handy in case I get a ball stuck.Other then that, they sell ball pullers for the end of your ram rod and then screw into the lead ball.


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