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Winter Shoot 2023

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Denny Ducet:
Greetings muzzleloader friends! On the topic of flintlock rifles, within this video you will find beautiful silver inlay work, ivory adornments, a fine double barrel, and an exquisite example of a J.J. Henry with stock repair. Itís currently -10į here in Northwest Montana as we remain nearly snowed in from a long, cold season. Old Man winter arrived early and seemingly has no intention of ending his slumber.

We hope this finds you warm in your capote, that your powder stayed dry and your coffee mug is brimming as you await the arrival of spring along with us. 

Winter is a magical season, and in spite of its hardships, these hardy, jovial spirits venture into the cold lifeless woods and fill the foreboding landscape with their warm laughs, sulfur scented smoke and the absolute thunder of their art. Truthfully, "art" seems too mild a word when in the presence of virtuosos.

We strive to make you feel as though you too were there, crunching through snow, throwing patch and ball at steel or belching shot at clays! To really catch those silver inlays, make sure you watch it in HD! (Little gear settings ⚙️ on your screen there).

Really neat video - tks Denny.

Dave Marsh:
Great video.  Thanks for posting.

David G:
Always enjoy the videos you share with us Denny!

Greg Pennell:
Another great video DennyÖ.itís a highlight of my day when I get a YouTube notification that The Folk Firearms Collective has uploaded a new video!  You are blessed to have such an active group of shooters, and such a beautiful location to shoot. Stay warm, and keep filming!



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