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Anybody in West Tn?

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Just want to start off by saying that I have zero experience with flintlock guns. I have a little Traditions Crockett rifle that I like alot, but I really want to get a flintlock in the future. I really donít know what I want or what to look for in a gun and do not k ow anyone that even owns one. Iím reaching out here, looking for someone in West Tn that wouldnít mind me tagging along on a range trip and teaching me a few things about flintlocks.

I am located in Milan Tn. If anyone is close by I would appreciate very much hearing from you.

smylee grouch:
Welcome to the forum. Are you wanting a -plinker type target gun or some thing for hunting ?

PM sent

Eric Krewson:
I am about 2 1/2 hours south west of you in NW Alabama, if you want to drive over you are welcome, I live in the Florence area. I have built 5 flintlocks, have owned several TC flintlocks and have some experience with CVA, Traditions and Lyman flintlocks.

I think he has disappeared.  I sent him a PM and never heard back.  He's less than an hour from me.


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