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Squirrel Camp


If this post is not appropriate, do not hesitate to delete.

For those that are interested in harassing squirrels with longrifles. I have been encouraged to
create a flintlock squirrel hunting page on facebook. I have decided to give it a try.

I know anything with a squirrel rifle that is posted here gets a lot of attention.

This pretty much describes what we are trying to do.

It does not have to be an actual CAMP. that part just refers to the group as a camp. Period correct dress is nice but so is a nicely broke in set of carrhart bibs. Anything from a Traditions Crocket squirrel rifle to a hand made custom flint is good at this camp. I enjoy sharing my adventures no matter how small they may seem to some and if someone else has a photo or story then that is what this is all about.

Dennis Glazener:
Locked topic but left info for anyone that want to participate. No need for us to discuss it here. If you have questions PM Pat_Cameron for more information.


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