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b bogart:
Alright you knifemakers, let me know if I'm going to screw up here. I want to pour pewter at the juction of the whitetail antler and the damascus patchknife blade I attempting to complete. Any worries about the heat (or anything else) screwing up the blade or the antler? I don't mind the antler so much, but I definitely do not wanna screw up the blade.
Appreciate any thoughts or input.

Chuck Burrows:
The amount of heat from a pewter pour should cause you no problems - I pour them all the time on knives.

this should help.........also pre-warming the blade helps the pewter flow around it better - use a heat gun on low of a low torch - doesn;'t take much...........

b bogart:
Thank you very much Chuck!

A follow up question to the knive makers....

I have a project very similar to Bruce's.  I have a blade with a spike tag and I was planning to epoxy it in an antler handle.  Will contact with the molten pewter affect the epoxy?

How do you handle this situation? (haha, no pun intended!)  Thanks,


Ron, most epoxys melt in range 80 to 100 celsius and catch fire pretty easy at higher temperatures. When I want to break up a metal to metal epoxy bond, I either boil the parts in water or set fire to the epoxy with a propan torch.

If the tang get hot enough , the epoxy will melt. When melted epoxys solidifies, it turns brittel.

Best regards


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