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Missing entire target on 3rd shot

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I was checking the sights on my Bill Large .54 Hawken on Monday. I shot 3 rds. at 50 yds. into a satisfactory group.  ( 50 grs. 3f swiss, pillow tick patch cut at muzzle ( .021" ) .530 " round ball, Hoppes #9+ lube.  Went to 75 Yds., increased same powder to 55 grs. and first two shots were dead on to point of aim.  The 3rd shot didn't even hit the 4'X5' board holding the target. Don't know where it went. I fired another and it hit approximately 5" left of aiming point.  The 5th shot was back in the first two's group.  I found all patches ( which were in good shape ) EXCEPT  # 3.  My question is it probable or possible the patch stuck to # 3 and caused the shot to go off of the target and backboard ?  I've not experienced this before and hope some of you can offer an explanation. I had no spotter to help so couldn't see where # 3 went.  Thanks

If you've eliminated the possibility of it going through one of the first two holes, then I would ask who cast/made the balls? Perhaps a big void or other flaw made #3 light and off-balance and it flew accordingly. I'm a bit weird and sort balls by weight regardless of who makes them--extra lights go back into the pot.

I had problems with some store-bought balls once and found them to not even be round! WAY out of spec. They will be re-cast sooner or later--and that biz has changed hands, so there is no point in naming it.

I don't think any patch ever sticks to a ball, but I'm not a long-time roundball shooter yet.

Idea: record your solo sessions with video for self-spotting after the fact.

Thanks for the reply Wade.  I cast and weigh my muzzle loading balls and also weigh my BPCR bullets.  I don't have the camera and whatever to video myself shooting.

Daniel Coats:
Sounds like a one time thing to me. I doubt it will happen again. I would keep working on load development

gremlins.....    ;)


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