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Miller WG 091124-1
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This  story here is worth telling. I own the previously posted "WGM", now known to be William G Miller of Danville, PA. It was the recognition of the same barrel signature ( Initials) on this gun and the coincidental finding of another
( fraternal twin) swivel signed W. G. Miller on AntiqueGuns, that has allowed us to , with confidence, identify three works of this relatively unknown Danville, PA maker of the Upper Susquehanna school.

A nice, honest Upper Susquehanna rifle deserving inclusion in the library.  I am glad to see us unravel another mystery from the region, as this was one maker that I was not familiar with before this website and detective work.

Nice rifle and one seldom encountered even considering that it was made by a relatively unknown maker. It is of great benefit that this and a few like pieces have brought the light of day to an unheralded gunmaker. Send it on up that big wall where it can shine with all of the other fine pieces to be found there.
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