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A little helper for my range rod

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--- Quote ---I agree, but it is a separate piece of equipment.
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Agree.  I would cut a groove in the end of the range rod, drill a hole in the brass, and thread a proper length, blunt nosed screw so it hit the groove.  Then you would have a range rod that also rotates as you push or pull it.

Thanks for the advice fellas, let me do some thinking and see what I can come up with

Bob Roller:
Little things  like this are so elegant and reflect a good line of thinking IMHO.I'd expect to see it on a far away range where no English is ever heard and
Nur Deutsch beim 200 meter freistand Schuetzenfest. ;D
Bob Roller

Thank you Bob!
Cheers Richard

A work of art. Excellent craftsmanship.


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