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Measuring blackpowder?

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What is the most accurate way, in terms of getting consistent loads, to measure powder? By weight or volume?

Jakob, I have an inexpensive Frankfort Arsenal digital scale that I use when I reload for cartridge guns. I make my measures out of brass tubing found at Ace Hardware. When I find the charge I want, I cut to length and cap one end with a round piece of brass or copper. This method has worked for me. Good luck! Jerry

Measuring solids by weight (mass) is more accurate (or should I say precise) than measuring by volume, by definition, right?

Pukka Bundook:
You are correct of course, but a Consistent method of measuring by volume can be just that, surprisingly consistent.
Black is not finicky about a part grain difference.

Don Steele:
Weighing powder charges individually on an accurate scale is the best way to know you’ve reduced a variable that can affect group integrity. That said… in shooting flintlock longrifles… it’s only one of many. For the casual shooter, I’d recommend practicing your technique, using a volumetric measure and checking reproducibility ( precision) with a scale until you get consistent results.


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