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Putting choke tubes in my swivel breach gun.

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David Price:
I sent two new 54 cal. smooth bore barrels to a company named Briley in Houston Tx. to have them fitted for choke tubes.  What I got back was two modify, two full, two extra full choke, and a coned tube for ease in loading.  I immediately joined the barrels together, and fit them to one of my finished swivel breach guns.  They did a wonderful Job and I am more than satisfied.

Using the modified choke, I first shot a round ball and adjusted the sights on both barrels.

I then put the super tight chock tube in.  My load was 65 grs. of FFG and a 100 grain  powder,  measure ( by volume) of 7 1/2 lead shot'.  The wadding was two thin felt wads, and on top of it all a chunk of wasps nest.

I also shot at an empty baked bean can to test for penetration at 25 yds.

The next to last  pictures show how to load using the tubes. You must use the loading tube so that the wads will go in.  It is also necessary to use the loading tube when cleaning after shooting.

Interesting  David.
I've oft times wondered about that screw-in choke tubes on a ML gun.

Now thatís cool!

Briley is the top company doing this. They have done thousands for modern shotguns as well as full sized tube inserts.

David G:
Slick David ! Can you explain the details on the specs for the loading tube ? Im not clear at all on how the inside dimensions of the tube are set up for loading. I assume part of the tube is cylinder bore ? Thanks.


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