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Flint's Frolick II
« on: January 03, 2010, 09:50:11 AM »
Carole and Kyne shot at the number 8, one shot closest to center to win.  Kyne won by about 1/2 inch!  He used a .58 transitional (from Jaeger to something else).

George, Neill and Jim shot off a tie by closest to center of King George III's nose.  Jim won.

Shooters had trouble seeing their bullet holes.  I shot a .50 with 38" B Rice barrel and Late Manton lock, 50 grains of Goex 3F.  I could see I was chewing a hole, and thought I had seven shots.   There are either four shots in that double hole or I missed everything you see with two.  Bottom right, I spilled some of the charge, a squib.  Neill said only five shots, so I shot again..... Neill said "you wiped out the cojones", both of us forgetting there were none, this dino was wearing a red bra!

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