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Glass bottles

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Pete G.:
Anybody know a good source for some small non-screw top bottles for use? Everything I found on the net is collecter type stuff. Those folks think that their glass bottle is worth as much as my rifle, and the bottle ain't even got anything in it even......

Randy Hedden:

Define "small" for me. Round, oval or ........? Maybe let us know what you are going to use them for just to give us an idea about size?

Randy Hedden

Pete G.:
Anything from about 6 ounces for my windshield washer cleaning solution at the range to perhaps an ounce or two for patch lube in a bag. Plastic bottles are oh so practical, handy and useful, but they just don't fit in.

Randy Hedden:
Sorry Pete,

The small glass bottles I have are only 1/3 of an ounce.

Randy Hedden

Dale Halterman:
I have found some at yard sales and flea markets for 50 cents or so.

Dale H


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