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Mission Statement for ALR
« on: February 25, 2010, 11:44:53 PM »
The moderator's and admin's decided that we need a mission statement for ALR. We posted it on the ALR welcome screen ( ) but thought it would be seen by more members if posted as a sticky on the individual forums. We are getting new members every day and we thought it would be good for them to see what this website is about.
Mission Statement

The mission of is to promote, preserve and support the traditional art and craft of building and using the American Longrifle. This would include accouterments and related arms of the period.

While the term American Longrifle may include a large and diverse group of firearms including those made for military and experimental reasons; the focus of the board is only those arms made primarily as sporting arms and utilizing a side lock ignition system.

Forum topics or discussions not in the spirit of the site's Mission Statement will be deleted or moved to an appropriate forum at the discretion of the moderators. We wish to keep forum discussions very close to the Mission Statement shown above.
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