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Original Powder Horn

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Anyone have any ideas as to the origin and time frame this old horn may have came from?? I have never run across this type of carving on a butt plug before.         


The link to your last photo was hosed.  Fixed.....

Interesting horn.  Thanks for showing it.  No clue on your questions.  Sorry.



I've seen rosettes like the one carved on the plug before on antique furniture and wood trim around fireplaces and other places in rooms in 18th century homes.  I'm wracking my brain to figure out what "style" it would be. 

It looks like it was made by a beginner and could have been a practice piece, then perhaps turned into a powder horn plug? 

Randy Hedden:

The carving on the butt plug of this horn is called chip carving.  Now-a-days It is usually done with wood carving knives, but in the old days it was carved with a regular knife.  Examples of chip carved butt plugs show up in all time periods and can even be seen as early as on some F&I war time period powder horns,

Randy Hedden


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