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Original Mountain Bags

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Sam Everly:
None of them are lined . All of the original bags i have seen , non where lined. Some of the original bags may have been lined , but i think that is a more modern made, big ticket item . Heck some of the older bags were lucky to have been sewn together .Every bag i have ever seen was sewn together with cotton twine.      

M Tornichio:
Thanks Sam

Randy Hedden:

I have to agree with Sam, most of these bags were never lined, but every once in a while you will see one that has/had a liner on the front flap.

Randy Hedden

I was recently restoring an average old bag, and was about half done when it finally struck me...this bag was fully lined! Looked like a heavy linen or cotton fabric, but it was so black and gummed up I couldnt tell....this is the only original bag of quite a few I have had the chance to work with or restore that I remember being fully lined. Based on my own experience, and from talking to others, I must agree with the previous posts and tend to think lining on original hunting bags was pretty rare no matter where they are from.

Roger Fisher:
Yes, some were lined.   I have one such v old and rotted with the near full length flap lined with bl and white striped pillow ticking. inside of bag not lined; but does have a ticking 'pocket' sown inside, across the full width of said bag. D shaped bag 8 x 9 inches.   Narrow shoulder strap w iron buckle.


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