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Sam Everly:
 Dennis she did not like the nephew !!! Yes it was the Ginger snap lady , she could make the best Cat Head bisquets, and she cooked them on a wood cook stove at that . For you city fellers, they are as big as a cats head !

Sam , my grandpa's hunting bag of made from an old 1859 saddlebag just like the one you have shown. I made myself a copy of it twentyfive years ago and have carried it ever since. A little big but different. By the way , I just got a bag and horn that comes from Eden,NC is that near you? A medium size dark leather bag with a short flap that had fringe but about all of it is gone, the old leather strap you can see where it was, has been replaced with a piece of material like the one in your photo, a little better than average ,medium size horn is hung to the bag. NC stuff is not really my thing but a friend of mine who knew I liked this stuff brought it up here.    Nice to see the old bags you have, they are getting harder to find all the time.           Johhny

Sam Everly:
Carper,Eden is about 25 miles south West of Danville Va. I am about 10 miles west of the intersection of I-77 and I-40. So i guess i am around 80 miles south west of Eden ! It is a old section of suspender added to the strap on that bag . It (Suspender) must be from around the late 1800's to the early 1900's. I can remember my grand dad having a pair just like them he worked in !    

I would never have considered the material being suspenders. But I will bet you are exactly correct. The weave was too fine to be some kind of web or belt, its not coarse at all.  It looks exactly like the material in your picture   Its nice to learn something, thanks for sharing               Johnny

M Tornichio:
nice bags thanks for posting pictures. I have one question, are the bags lined? or just left as plain lether? I am in the process of making a bag and I figured that a person living in the mountains would probably not line the bag since it would take extra material.


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