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Looking for pictures of bison powderhorns.

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I've ordered a 16"bison horn from "Moscow fur & hide".  I plan to make a fancy horn, with silver filigree fittings based on traditional silver work found on Norwegian national costums and knives. I've some rough ideas and done a few sketches. Instead of brass tacks of the base plug, I'd like to make silver filigree tacks, based on designs for silver buttons on men's waist coats.I hope to carve the spout octagon and inlet 4 silver filigree panels based on patterns I've used on knives. I got a few other ideas tossing around. The concept I'm using is what would the powderhorn look like if made for a homesick Norwegian immigrant
by a homesick immigrant Norwegian silversmith , timeline somewhere 1700 -1800.
The idea is to try to blend typical American and Norwegian elements. I know a horn like this has proably never exsisted, but is sounds like a fun thing to do.

If you got pictures of good bison powderhorns. please post them on this thread.

Best regards


I don't have any pictures to provide you - but it sounds like a great idea!  Make sure you post some shots of it when you get it done.


Thanks for the picture David. How large is that horn? Could you measure the length along the largest curve and around the base? I have found pictures of some horns on the net. Most of them have very little carving on the spout, compared to what you can see on cow horns.

Is there a reasone for this?

Best regards


there is usually just as much horn to carve on the spout of Bison Horns as cow horns at least in my experience. So you definitely could carve them.  I think the reason you dont see a lot of fancy Bison horns is simply because historical examples are very bland and plain.  many of the original bison powder horns were made economically and sold cheaply and so were not usually fancy or embellished.  the other reason is that by the time powder horns made from Bison were common place, the styles had changed and the "golden age" horns didnt make it west as often as the cheap economical horns did.  someone please correct me if I am misinformed. 


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