The Gillespie Rifle Works Stock Page

Harvey Gillespie pattern stock.

This is a copy of an original signed Harvey Gillespie rifle. Harvey was born 6/18/1820 in Mills River NC. He was the son of Mathew Gillespie and was taught the gunmaking trade by his father. He built rifles in Mills River until his move to Jackson County NC in 1852. In 1868 he moved back to Mills River and died there in 1877.

A picture of this rifle is shown on page 44 and 45 of my book The Gillespie Gun Makers of East Fork NC

The stocks are inletted for your or my straight or swamped barrel (barrel cost is not included) and they have the correct ram rod hole pre-drilled. The butt on the Harvey Gillespie is cut to fit my Gillespie buttplate or you may use the Pete Allan NC/SC buttplate sold by other suppliers. The Mathew style stock is a copy of my original Mathew flint rifle and it does not have a buttplate. You may wish to add one, many of the Mathew rifles had iron or brass buttplates. The Harvey Gillespie buttplate will NOT work on this stock.

  1. Lockside view
  2. Cheekside view
  3. Curly Maple Lockside view
  4. Curly Maple Cheekside view
  5. Mathew Gillespie Lockside view
  6. Mathew Gillespie Cheekside view

The price for standard grade maple is $265.00, add $30.00 for curly maple add $60 for walnut or black cherry plus s/h. Please call me (804) 794 4863 or email me at with questions about stocks or special orders.

Items may be combined for a lower s/h charge. Make payment payable to T. Dennis Glazener. I prefer money orders but personal checks will be accepted for orders less than $100. Checks for orders over $100 will be held until cleared. My shipping address is: Gillespie Rifle Works - 917 Manakin Rd. - Midlothian, VA 23113