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OBLINGER 100902-1
« on: September 27, 2010, 04:51:22 PM »
Rifle is signed Oblinger, Piqua O. slanted across the barrel. The lock is signed J. Goulcher with an engraving of a hunter shooting a duck. The barrel is signed J. H. Johnston. It is a half stock percussion. The barrel is forty inches long, It shoots 30 grains of 3f with a .333 ball and a .026 patch. At the muzzle it goes from octagon to round and there are two indentations on the barrel a few inches from the muzzle. I was told that this was for a bullet starter so the rifle may have been made to shoot bullets rather then PRB. The grooves are very skinny and deep compared to the lands."


Talk about a pretty rifle! And, in superb condition. Fine example of an Ohio rifle with all of the great features that one would expect. Not particularly fancy, but a piece that would always demand a second look. The specs suggest that this rifle was specially built and is/was a tack driver. If still in use, it might be appropriate to recreate the equipment that would have accompanied this gun.
What a nice, crisp little rifle! Nicely signed and well fitted, with very nice wood.
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Re: OBLINGER 100902-1
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nord, I think your comments pretty well sum it up, it really is a nice rifle!
Does the rear sight have a notch, or is it a shallow "V" like an express sight? Thanks!!
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