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Marker, J. 101025-2
« on: October 31, 2010, 04:15:45 PM »


The barrel has been shortened by 2 inches.

This is just a great attic rifle made by a well known maker. A good coat of wax is all she needs to go another 170 years. Anything else would be to the detriment of a treasure that we all aspire to find...a great gun, by a great maker, in the condition that it had when it was put away for the last time. It clearly has had no tinkering and is in 'as found' condition.
I see no reason why there should be any argument about placing it in the Library at the earliest. Wonderful find!


I agree with xxxx sentiments on this untouched rifle. So often attic condition rifles have defects in them that require some restoration, and in the process the finish is "cleaned up." This one appears to be fully stable, and a nice example for the museum. I like the typical Marker eagle in the silver cheekpiece inlay. There seems to be a "wave" in the guard's grip rail, perhaps the cause of the front extension raising slighlty away from the stock wood. I'll probably get boo'd for this, but I'd have someone see if they can straighten the guard a little, to fit better and reduce the "wave" in its rail. But a very nice rifle in a condition that is most enjoyable to see.
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