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110203-3 (Southern / VA?)
« on: February 20, 2011, 05:16:59 PM »
Early VA-style PB finial. Replaced PB door and repair at entry pipe.  Width at butt 1.8"


This gun is a bit puzzling. The thin wall barrel indicates it was made as a fowler, not a buck & ball, so the presence of a full patchbox raises the question of whether it is original to the gun, or a later addition. The butt plate looks like it might be salvaged from an earlier gun and reworked, particularly the front extension... almost as if the front extension's tip was broken off, then worked back to a new "point" for use on this gun. Stocking appears to be generally good quality. I would also be careful about attributing this gun's origin to Virginia. The patchbox could be a later addition, and even if not, it isn't certain it is a VA box, in my opinion.
 Lets talk about the but plate extension. The engraving is worn where ones thumb or finger would depress the button. The heavy engraving style around the 'extension (tang) matches that around the base of the extension. A lot of detail if the gun "recently" (after the period of use) had a patchbox added. Will post an interior patchbox view. It looks correct to me...old as the hills.  I am a bit bothered by the wood in the leafs piercing as there is a poor fit or shrinkage if you look carefully, yet the finial piercing is snug around the edges.
A question I would ask about the butt plate extension: does its engraving style and the hand cutting it match the engraving on the patchbox (discounting the replaced lid)? I see more discrepancies than similarities, possibly suggesting the hardware was not all engraved at the same time. I am not saying the patchbox is not old, or has not been on the gun a long time. But was it on the gun when it was made?
No part #s to match. Understand your point. To my eye the relatively "crude" engraving of the butt plate is equally crude on the finial...certainly similar.
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