Author Topic: Bill Ivey's new NC book plus a review by Earl Lanning  (Read 8614 times)

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Bill Ivey's new NC book plus a review by Earl Lanning
« on: February 23, 2011, 06:00:26 PM »
Earl Lanning was so impressed with Bill Ivey's new book on North Carolina rifles that he called and asked if I would post a review of his thoughts on the book. I agreed and I got it yesterday via US mail (Earl no longer does computers!) Here it is:

Book Review
North Carolina Schools of Long Rifles 1765-1865

I have had a profound interest in the Kentucky Rifle most of my life, collecting the old ones and building the contemporaries' must say it has been a joyful trip. But the real redeeming factor in nearly sixty years in our field has been the wonderful people I have met along the way. Two of which are Mr. and Mrs. William Ivey of Asheboro NC. They have been the premier collectors of Southern antiques for most of their lives. The spectrum is very broad. The very best in N.C. longrifles. Great early N.C. furniture, Pottery, wonderful confederate collection. Their interest has had no infinity in the realm of southern antiques.

Bills new book "North Carolina Schools of Longrifles 1765-1865" is the fruits of Bills collecting. And it's being shared with the world. No one can imagine the thousands of miles, hundreds of acutions and never ending leads that Bill has ran down acquiring an education in one of our most beautiful art forms. And now he is sharing it with us all. I strongly recommend every one to buy this fine book. It is by far the best publication on this subject that has been brought forth in my life time.

Earl Lanning
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