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Zollman (VA) 110220-1
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The owner reports that the gun was originally "flint."

A nice rifle by an almost unknown maker and a VA gun at that. Hard combo to beat. When the reconversion is completed, it will be a handsome that anyone would be proud to own. Zollman was not an amateur; where are his other guns? Nice box with nice engraving, profile is pretty much classic VA, good forestock molding, great condition and color, and a well checkered wrist.

Nice Virginia rifle with good patchbox. The strong separation of the wrist and comb surfaces on the back side of the gun may be an identifier of this maker. I have to wonder if the gun was ever flint. The single bolt, double spurred guard, and round pipes could easily be a late 1830s percussion rifle. The lock plate looks original, so it would be nice to see the plate with the frizzen spring removed, so we could see if the border engraving stops at the spring's attachment screw hole (flint,) or continues on around the nose of the lock (percussion). Overall a nice gun by a good but seldom seen maker, and great item for the museum.
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