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Thank you, Loudy, for posting the list.  You did well identifying my ancestor John Stahl, his DOB and DOD and county he originated from.  He arrived in Lewis Twp. near Keiffertown in 1793 and is buried at Follmer's Luth Churchyard.  According to this my great great great grandfather, Philip Stahl, had one of his guns, but my family lost track of it.  If this article is true he was heavily involved as a gunsmith for the Rev. War.  

1911-History.  Genealogical & Biographical Annals of Northumberland County by J. L. Floyd, 1911, pages 765-6.  Floyd's Northumberland County Genealogy Pages 758 thru 782 File contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by Tony Rebuck. Electronic edition copyright 2001 by Tony Rebuck., 10/21/01
"STAHL. There are two branches of the Stahl family in Northumberland county whose progenitors came hither from Northampton county, the descendants of John and Adam Stahl. As the former lived in Northampton county for some time before removing to this county, and as the latter was a native of that county, it is possible they were related, though the present records do not establish the fact. John Stahl, a native of Germany, born Aug. 18, 1741, came to America when a young man, and lived for some years in Northampton county, Pa. He was one of many signers of a petition addressed to the Honorable Supreme Executive Council of Pennsylvania relative to conflicting civil and military laws then existing. The petitioners were from Northampton county, which was the early home of John Stahl in this country, as stated, and the same volume of the Pennsylvania Archives in which the foregoing is recorded shows (page 190) that he was captain of the 6th Company of the 2d Battalion from Northampton county; (page 859) that he was captain of the 5th Company, Associators, of Militia of Northampton county, which was part of the 4th Battalion from Sept. 18 to Nov. 18, 1780; (page 29) that he was second lieutenant of Capt. John Roberts 5th Company, 1st Battalion of Northampton county Militia. In Volume IV, page 349, John Stahl, captain, is mentioned among soldiers of the Continental Line who received depreciation pay; in Volume VI, page 8, he is mentioned in the muster roll of Cumberland county militia, in 1777, as of Capt. Thomas Askey's Company. It is known that he served as quartermaster and recruiting officer, was with the army at Valley Forge during the memorable winter of hardship and at the crossing of the Delaware, Christmas night, 1776. Being a skilled mechanic, a gun and blacksmith, his services were often valuable in repairing implements of war during the Revolution, and he had as many as twenty men working under him at one time, engaged in making guns for use in that war. His son Philip had one of these guns. After the war he (having already married) moved to Northumberland county, Pa., where he took up four hundred acres of land in what is now Lewis (then Turbut) township. He died Feb. 27, 1809, and is buried in the old Fullmer Church graveyard. His wife, Elizabeth, born in 1746, died in September, 1832. They were the parents of the following children of whom we have record: Jacob, born Feb. 16, 1776, who died Sept. 3, 1796; Johann Philip, born Dec. 17, 1781, who died March 24, 1832; and John George, born June 11, 1791, who died Aug. 4, 1820. The son John settled in Niagara county, New York. Johann Philip Stahl, son of John, born Dec. 17, 1781, in Northampton county, Pa., was a lifelong farmer, and died in 1832. He came to Northumberland county with his father after the Revolutionary war, and he eventually obtained part of the four hundred acres his father took up, his tract containing 115 acres, now owned by Charles F. Rovenolt. He farmed and followed blacksmithing. He was a member of the Reformed Church, and he and his father were among the organizers of the Paradise Union Church, among the first officers of the congregation and among its leading members ever afterward. In Northumberland county he married Elizabeth B. Eshbach, who was born Dec. 15, 1776, daughter of Johannes Eshbach (1747-1815) and his wife Catharine (1749-1831). Mrs. Stahl died March 9, 1844, the mother of the following children: Thomas died young; William died in infancy; George is mentioned below; Mary married Henry Hill and died when over eighty years old; Elizabeth, born March 9, 1811, died March 17, 1844; Catharine, born Oct. 11, 1816, died May 10, 1844, unmarried; Sarah married Samuel Stahl and died about one year after her marriage. George Stahl, son of Johann Philip, was born on the farm where he afterward made his home, and received his education in the local public schools. Though his advantages were limited, he received a practical foundation and being an intelligent man became well informed. He followed farming all his life, dying at his old home in 1894, and the present set of buildings on the place were put up by him. He was quite active in the affairs of his day, being a supporter of the Democratic party in political matters and a member of the Reformed Church on religious questions. He served in the State militia, in which he was orderly sergeant; served six years as school director, was supervisor and township treasurer, and a useful man generally in his community. He was an earnest worker in the Paradise Church, serving as deacon, elder and trustee, and was a man of high Christian character, respected by all who knew him. His grandfather, John Stahl, in company with Michael Koons and John Deiffenbacher, had purchased two acres of ground from John Christ for the sum of fifteen pounds, and on that plot the first church of the congregation was erected in 1808. On May 2, 1843, Mr. Stahl married Elizabeth Deshler, who was born in Northampton county Sept. 26, 1817, daughter of Jacob Deshler, of Northampton county, who came to Northumberland county in the early thirties; his wife was a Bower. Mrs. Stahl died Jan. 16, 1860. She and her husband had the following named children: William J., of Union county, Pa., who married Sarah Watt and had two children, one being Edwin (living in Indiana); Thomas P., unmarried, who lives at McEwensville, Pa.; Mary E., unmarried, of Aaronsburg, Pa.; Levi H.; Edwin O., born March 4, 1850, of McEwensville, who END OF PAGE 766 married Mary A. Mengis (born June 21, 1861, died Dec. 9, 1895) and had four children; John O., who died in 1862, aged eleven years, and David F., who died in 1862, aged nine years, both dying of diphtheria; and George Calvin. LEVI H. STAHL was born March 5, 1849, on the Stahl homestead in what was Turbut township, and received his education in the old subscription schools of the locality. He was an enthusiastic student, took a leading part in the old-fashioned spelling bees of the day, and by steady application improved himself materially. He served as a supply teacher in his neighborhood. He was reared to farming and also acquired a practical knowledge of wood working. In 1888 Mr. Stahl went to farming on his own account in Delaware township, on one of his wife's grandfather's farms, living there for three years, since when he has been a farmer in Lewis township. In 1908 he settled at his present home, a farm of 100 acres formerly the homestead of Samuel Menges who settled there in 1832 and made his home there until 1841. Mr. Menges then moved to an adjoining farm, to the east, where he died. Many Indian relics have been found on Mr. Stahl's place, among them two Indian mills of which he has retained possession. He is serving at present as one of the auditors of his township, and was a member of the road board when the new law came into existence. Politically he is a Democrat, and he is a prominent member of the Lutheran Church at Turbutville, to which his family also belong; he has been a member of the church council since 1898. In 1881 Mr. Stahl married Kate L. Menges, daughter of Isaac and Mary (Smith) Menges, and they have had four children: Nellie, who is married to Oliver Rissel and has three children, Edith L., Lee F. and Myron L.; Ramah T.; Rosa E.; and Frank P."
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