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Making a staple
« on: November 01, 2011, 04:22:38 PM »
  I was going to attach this to the “How to Affix The Iron Staple” thread but didn’t want to hijack it.
 Just to make sure a staple doesn’t come out, folks get a little excited if that happens. I put a couple of little barbs on each leg.  Just be careful not to tap it in too far,  put a screw driver under it for support. This just my method done for security.
 This is pretty basic but it may be of some help. A couple of the pics are not the best but they show the idea.

 Tim C. 

 Taper one end of the wire

 The first bend, a half inch or so
 The second bend,  Yes one leg is a little longer, I should have trimmed it off 

 Clipped off,  taper filed and locked in vice

 Use a small chisel or graver and raise a couple barbs in the lower portion of the leg

 Drill under size holes in the horn and tap staple in

 Inside view

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