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SHELL# 115
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Nice rifle.  The screws in the patchbox are obviously not original, appear to be of brass and set below the level of the box, so were not finished with the patchbox. I think the lock has had some re-work, if not a complete replacement. That said, it is still a great old rifle.
I have reviewed the Shell guns in the Library and all that have a patch box, seem to have an engraved figure of a half round "face" with "spiked hair" (perhaps a "radiant" sun or man in the moon) around the hinge, particularly on the door, at times on the finial. Is anyone aware of similar engraving from another maker?
Where are all of these good Shell guns coming from? This one seems to be relatively untouched, although as Curt noted, the schrues in the box finial are replaced. They should be iron and slightly oval headed rather than flat headed. The lock is of the third tier style that Shell used often. Wood still has good age although it may have had an over coat of shellac. Since it appears to have all of the features that make a good gun, let's send it on to the wall.

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