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It's an interesting rifle for the museum, whether we know where it was made of not. I'd lean toward a late, western PA rifle with a "key hole" finial (and expanded finial tip) that someone forgot to cut the key hole in. The guard looks like it might be from that area. Front trigger looks like it probably comes from somewhere along the Ohio River.
A nice rifle. I would hesitate to say exactly where it was made, but the triggers as well as the trigger guard, would not be uncommon on a Midwestern rifle. It would be nice to see a bit more of the cheek side.
It would be hard not to like this rifle. It possesses excellent craftsmanship and the execution of detail is very crisp. The builder knew what he was doing. A pity that he didn't sign it. It appears to be a big gun and some numbers would be nice to verify this. The patchbox is beyond the usual with nice engraving,
as well as design. Condition is extra good and gun appears to have been well maintained over the years. Finish is quite good. I agree that is a western gun, probably upper Ohio River on the WVA side, but very close to PA based on the triggerguard and other elements.
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