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FORDNEY 120110-3
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Better than average Jacob Fordney, in great original condition with original surface and artificial stock striping to look like curly maple. The bore size is larger than expected for a later percussion rifle, perhaps ordered by someone going west and expecting to encounter large game. The late percussion era patchbox is noteworthy for its interesting finial, and better, more complete engraving than often found on these later rifles. I would have expected basket weave wrist checkering on this good Lancaster rifle; also didn't expect to see a single trigger on a gun like this, so perhaps the owner ordered it this way with a purpose in mind...or simply to save a buck. This is a great example of a well-known Lancaster maker's percussion era work for the museum.
This is indeed a fine little Lancaster rifle. It appears to have been well maintained down through the years and it does not look like it was ever severely scrubbed. The artificial striping is intact and still bold in most areas. Though somewhat plain, it still has a refined patchbox and good profile. It would be nice to have some stats on the piece so we can really understand what we are seeing.
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