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Feder 120202-1
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1.) Barrel length 40" has been cut down 3" overall the rifle is 54" + or -.

2.) Pull is 14"

3.) Flat to Flat is 1"

4.) The barrel is stamped Pannabecker with the christian symbol PX on the bottom, with G Feder stamped into the upper flat.The barrel is engraved almost 1/3 the distance down the length of the barrel in the M. Fordney style.

5.) Reconverted back to flint.

6.) 13 Silver inlays.

The patch box is elaborately engraved and has 3 piercings, the upper and lower plates are identical to those of P.Angstadts. The toeplate extends from the buttplate to the trigger guard and is elaborately engraved with tulips and c scrolls. The escutcheons are engraved with back to back tulips, The side plate is also elaborately engraved and has 3 piercings. The inlay at the cheek rest is the Star of Bethlehem incorporated into the all seeing eye. The thumbplate has the original owners initials MS. There are 5 piercings, with 9 pyramids and the Germanic Finch engraved into the Side panel.


This is a very nice example of Feder's work, in nice condition with his typical "folk artsy" inlay and engraving work. His almost standard large inlay on the back of the butt along the butt plate with large triangles as a border is here, enhanced with a nifty engraved bird. His work is interesting for the expressiveness he puts into his inlay outlines and engraved patterns. The patchbox uses a traditional finial, as is the cheekpiece inlay, but the "Feder" touch of bold shapes and engraving is all over this gun. It's a good addition to the virtual museum. I would suggest the owner be contacted to supply one additional photo, i.e. the standard half-view of the front of the rifle showing from the butt plate out to about 8 inches past the lock plate. Photo coverage is good, but a clear, close view of the patchbox side and lock plate, even if converted, will enhance the visual and educational value of the package.


This is an elegant, rich looking, later rifle with good inlay art and architecture. The patch box and star are unusual and have very good engraving, as do much of the other furniture. The stock is of fine maple and has a nice warm glow to it. Although some limited work has been done to the piece, the patina has not been altered and it looks like a good closet find, to me.
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