Author Topic: Gibbs, John Lancaster Honesdale {(PA & OH} (Ref. 081228-4)  (Read 11768 times)

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Gibbs, John Lancaster Honesdale {(PA & OH} (Ref. 081228-4)
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John Gibbs was known to have been born in Lancaster Co in 1797 ( Sellers) and is recorded to have been there in 1819. He later was in Honesdale , PA in 1824 and in Lancaster, OH from 1826 until 1853 ( Kauffman). This gun is signed on a silver plate inlet into the top barrel flat, slightly closer ( 2 inches) to the rear site than the breech suggesting that the 39.5 inch barrel was shortened at least two inches at the breech. It is now converted to flint.  Barrel is rifled, not swamped and approximately 54 caliber. It may have also  been shortened at the muzzle as the lathe marks are not visible at the muzzle. The provenance is unknown but the gun was found in the West. There is no major restoration, but a fore end  eustcheon has been replaced.

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