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Volger, George North Caroline
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Volger, George   "Silver Eagle" Patchbox Longrifle    

This history was written by Michael Briggs

George Vogler was born in 1789 in the small community of Friedland, North Carolina. This was one of six small communities in the Moravian tract called Wachovia in modern day Forsyth County. He was the younger brother of John Vogler, who would become the Silver Smith in Salem, N.C. and a outstanding gunsmith. George and John Vogler's uncle Christoph Vogler was the gunsmith in Salem when they were growing up. In 1806, George moved in with Christoph in Salem and became his apprentice in the Longrifle Shop as his brother John had done in 1803.George Vogler went on to become a very good gunsmith in his on right. In 1815, he married the daughter of Henry Bruner, II (Mary) and moved to Salisbuy, N.C. in Rowan County, where he made a living as a gunsmith working the Salem School Style. He also is known to have made furniture and carved tombstones.In the 1820 census of manufacture he is listed as having a one man shop, with tools at an investment of $50. Annually he used 5 lbs. of steel and 100 lbs. of iron valued at $8.  He produced guns having a market value of $9 each.I have seen only two rifles that were signed by him. Both have a silver inlay on the barrel enscribed G Vogler.The Longrifle below was purchased from my friend Bill Ivey in 2006. The barrel is 44 1/2 inches long. Caliber is estimated to be .38. The Longrifle is stocked in typical Salem Style Architecture with a double incised carved line along the comb ending with a beavertail tab at the wrist. It also features Salem Style fore-stock molding ending with the typicl C Scroll. The Patchbox finial is a Silver Eagle worked into a brass patchbox with guilloche side plates. The Longrifle also features a silver Man in the Moon inlay on the cheek rest and a Silver Moravian Star behind the rest. This is only the second Salem Longrifle that I have seen that features a large Eagle for the two screw sideplate. The stock is curly maple.I hope you enjoy the photos. It is one of my favorites.

                                                                             Michael Briggs


Note false Silver Wedge on forestock.

Note Vogler Style Barrel Tang.

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