Author Topic: Lauck S 121124-2 (Attributed)  (Read 8029 times)

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Lauck S 121124-2 (Attributed)
« on: December 28, 2012, 04:51:49 PM »
The Lauck has been stretched about a foot or so  but Wallace Gusler felt that it was mostly original.


It is a nice looking "buck and ball" gun with good lines. I just wish the barrel signature was a little more readable, since I'm not sure it's Lauck's signature...probably could be, but that seems to be fillling in a lot of letters.
It would be instructive to have more information about the reason for the Lauck attribution, but it is a handsome piece and worthy of study.
This is to my eye more fowler than' buck and ball' stylistically, (no cheek rest, or PB, etc.), even though it has a rear sight. Nice slender piece, but it does look like it has some refinishing done to the wood. The reported barrel 'stretch' is not noticible at this distance. The signature could be that of one of the Lauck's. Again, can't tell from here.
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