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Unkn. 130113-1
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This rifle appears to be a good quality Tennessee rifle with its "banana" patchbox, iron furniture, long tang reaching back to the comb, long and substantial butt plate return, cast pewter nose cap, and generally slim stock architecture with "scooped" cheekpiece. The curly maple stock adds nicely to the gun's oveall attractiveness. Despite being unsigned, the gun exhibits many distinctive Tennessee characteristics and is a good candidate for the virtual museum. 
The sideplate may relate to a group that Bill Ivey identifies as likely NC.  But, whether it was made in Eastern TN or western NC, it is a very nice Southern rifle.
A nice rifle, with distinctive details, regardless of whether we know the identity of the maker. 
This is a distinctive looking southern' iron gun.' There are several features new to me on this one. This is not a dainty gun by any means and looks like it would stand up well to seriously hard usage.
The rear pipe is the thing that strikes me the most; it is industrial grade and appears that it will never wear out. I have seen others of the usual variety which have not stood up so well. Everything else appears to be of matching construction. It would be nice if someone in the membership can say who made it.
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